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Viro-Kill offer a virus and bacteria decontamination service.

We serve Milton Keynes and surrounding areas, providing a fogging decontamination service for your home, car and business premises.

Peace of mind for your family, staff and customers.

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Disinfectant service that kills Coronavirus 

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Since the outbreak of the recent Coronavirus the world is changing. 

It is having a profound impact on day to day life, making it vitally important to take further precautions in protecting your home, vehicle and business premises.

The safety, health and wellbeing of everyone is of most importance.  







Coronaviruses can be deadly!

It does not discriminate against who it infects, harms and in many tragic cases, kills.

But it's not just Coronavirus that can cause harm to us, many other viruses and bacteria are very dangerous and can put our health at risk.






It is important to fight back against bacteria and Coronavirus! 

Viro-Kill can help by providing your car, home & business premises with a shield against many harmful bacteria and viruses, including Coronavirus. 

Viro-Kill can decontaminate, sterilise and disinfect and take the fight to viruses and bacteria.




Our customer service team will be happy to discuss a suitable service to meet your needs!

Please call us on 0333 733 1345.


Due to the a declared pandemic by the World Health Organisation we are currently open 7 days a week, we can take telephone calls from 9am to 10pm Monday to Sunday.


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